Welcome to Gapenne Vins et Spiritueux 

A flawless knowledge of the French wine industry, and the Bordeaux one in particular,combined with historical partnerships with producers, enables us to suggest high quality wines that are perfectly in tune with the needs of our distributor clients.

The service we provide falls into two categories:

- Wine selection and technical guidance, commercial management and logistics --> CLIENT


- Commercial advice and representation--> SUPPLIER



A propos

Gapenne vins et Spiritueux est un Bureau de négoce situé à Bordeaux 

13 Rue Charles Lamoureux 

33000 Bordeaux 

Tel: 05 35 54 50 84

Fax: 0972507952

Mail: contact@gapenne.com

L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé à consommer avec modération 

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